What we will do....

Indigenous Connection is a project that will began 2017 in Kenya. Its aim was to provide accompaniment and advocacy to Indigenous Peoples.  We will start with meeting and profiling Indigenous Rights Organizations and move on to advocacy with foreign embassies.  We will work with a lesser number of IRO's on capacity building.  Later in this project we hope to choose appropriate Partner Organizations with the hope of providing some level of accompaniment to be determined.

Accompaniment is the act of standing with someone. At a certain point in the Civil Rights movement MLK chose to have whites stand with him when he did his work. This provided some physical protection and raised his profile with the media, government, & international community. We aim to do this for Indigenous People in Kenya. The aim is to create physical & political space so that they may speak for themselves and strive for their denied human rights (loss of land, personal security, education, & healthcare). We would also find necessary create and maintain good relationships with individual indigenous rights orgs or tribes of Indigenous Peoples as well as with Government Offices, Police, International Embassies, Non-profits, & the UN. This would allow Indigenous Peoples opportunities to more easily interact with these actors and that together they may more easily solve their problems.
Where Indigenous People cannot be physically present due to obligations to their homes & families we would aim to advocate 'or speak on behalf' of Indigenous People with the actors named above. This would aim only to add value to the Indigenous Rights Organizations and People of Kenya are already doing, and assist them to be heard in all levels of global government & advocacy channels.

Please view the short documentary for our project which has 3 parts:
1. The Environment & the  State of Indigenous People Globally:
2. Kenya & The State of Indigenous People in Kenya:
3. How We Will Work (Contains full vision of this project):