Daniel Horgan is an alumni of European University Center for Peace studies in Austria where he received an MA in Conflict Transformation.  He worked for

I.N.G.O.s in the fields of Unarmed Civilian Protection, Advocacy, and Human Rights Monitoring.  He is also a graduate of the University of Massachusetts with a degree in Finance & has experience as a private accountant. He received his Secondary Education Teaching Credential in California, and has 10 years experience teaching in U.S. Public Schools.  It was at Hayward High School in the Bay Area that he taught about issues pertaining to international human rights, and global issues of peace and conflict. This experience inspired him to work directly in these issues.

Daniel served as a Security Coordinator with Nonviolent Peaceforce in Sri Lanka.  In this position he implemented across the country project NP's security policies.   He started with NP as Field Team Member, and later served as Head of Field office in Valachchenai, in Batticaloa District.  Batticaloa district was home of the off-shoot of the LTTE that was then allied with the government. This armed group (with government support) was responsible for child recruitment of soldiers among other war crimes. NP’s main activity in the Vala office during this time frame was providing accompaniment to these child recruits to safe places. It also transitioned into a project based office running projects in Child Protection, I.D.P. Protection, Community Mobilization, and Capacity Building.

In 2013 Daniel was part of team sent to Kenya by Peace Brigades International to set up its first project in Africa. PBI's mission is to provide accompaniment and advocacy to Human Rights Defenders at risk. This team conducted a nationwide survey which contextualized all relevant human rights issues at national and local levels and designed a strategy to carry out its currently running project in Kenya.

It was in 2013 as part of Peace Brigades International that Daniel interviewed the Lion Conservation Fund their staff and Samburu community members regarding land evictions from their ancestral lands, as well as ongoing harassment by armed actors.  This experience identified the need for this project.

Daniel has volunteered for Indigenous Rights Organizations in Alaska, Massachusetts, and Montana.  The founding of this project is considered by the founder an obligation to serve all Indigenous Peoples across the world.  Daniel seeks only to add value to Indigenous efforts.   This Project recognizes the already impressive record of resistance that Indigenous Peoples globally have put forth.